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Access to clean, affordable energy and water, and appropriate food, all put in a humanitarian, social and environmental context, are the three main pillars of sustainable development. To overcome social injustices in these three areas, education at all levels is a key element.


The EXPLORE Energy Gateway takes us, in an on-line self-approaching learning experience through unlimited higher educational values, on the pathway to a future sustainable energy society.

This energy learning pathway starts at the basic Bachelor engineering degree and guides us through the necessary skills to solve tomorrow’s challenges with today’s engineering tools, and uses our innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities to create new energy values for the future of humanity.




  • LEDSafari: A low-cost-easy-to-make electric lamp for developing countries [Read More]
  • Winner of the EIT C.H.A.N.G.E award, Mr Eduardo Appleyard – graduate of the first MSc SELECT 2010 intake [Read More]
  • Project Light of Hope has secured the position in the final of Dell Education Challenge 2013 [Read More]
  • 3 KIC InnoEnergy nominees (Linkesh Diwan, SELECT 2011-2013, Muhammad Rizwan Awan, RenE 2011-2013 and Eduardo Appleyard, SELECT 2010-2012 ) for EIT CHANGE Award were selected [Read More]
  • Master thesis opportunities for SELECT and SENSE students - Industrial presentations [Read More]
  • The Project "Waste Heat Smartly: Thermoacoustic Technology”, a SELECT MSc Programme "Project of the Year 2012/2013" idea, has won second place at the prestigious competition “EDP University Challenge 2013” sponsored by the company EDP Renewables, Spain [Read More