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Virtual Campus Hub (VCH)

Higher education and industrial innovation are challenged by today's fast development in the natural sciences, engineering, technology, and economy, underpinned by the dramatic advances in information technology. Education in universities and their effort in innovation haven’t really adjusted to this trend, in the last few decades. An ever increasing gap is evolving between the new 'digital' abilities of our young citizens and the exploding knowledge on one hand, and today's teaching and learning methods and tools on the other hand.

Future students might want to find their individual way and create their own learning experience along their personal learning curve. Similarly, innovation projects could benefit enormously if able to engage the right experts at the right time to advance technology and the business case. What is missing are the tools to unlock and present vast amounts of scientific knowledge to them, in an exciting and user-friendly way, as well as tools to take didactic advantage of the availability of multiple representations and views of the selected scientific content. New presentation tools and Grid Computing techniques, and new ways of creating, federating and maintaining digital repositories would be of essence.



"The project is partially funded by the European Commision  under the 7th Framework Programme"